Customized feed systems for flexible plastic compounding processes

Cost reduction through reliable, flexible, and optimized handling of solids

The diversity of applications for plastics continues to grow. The form, color, design, and specific properties of plastics are constantly being improved and developed. This vast assortment of plastic compounding products is what determines the everyday challenges that face plastic compounding businesses. Smaller batch sizes, frequent raw material changes, and changing production processes drive this optimization.

AZO is specialized in designing tailor-made individual solutions for precisely these production practices to increase the quality of the produced plastic compound. Its unique expertise in powder conveying and handling systems enables AZO to realize flexible and individual, complete and part systems for plastic compounding to lower personal costs. The philosophy of the flexible plastic compounding plant allows processors to have many options for producing widely differing plastic compounds efficiently and making sure that multicomponent blends are precisely dosed.

The complete system embraces:

  • The provision and feeding of all kinds of liquids and solids with either pneumatic conveying systems or feeding via emptying stations above dosing level
  • Continuous, high-precision loss-in-weight feeding into the actual plastic compounding process with AZO®Cont
  • The receiving of the finished plastic compound in pellet form and the delivery of the product to various filling and loading systems using an ideal pressure or vacuum conveying system to transport the product gently and keep the wear down (products with large portion of glass fibers)

In addition, the plastic compounding process can be further optimized. A state-of-the-art solution to improve the efficiency of the plastic compounding process is to implement the MIXOMAT.

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