AZO® Chem

Transparency, the key to process safety

AZO Chem offers solutions to customers manufacturing hygiene and cosmetic products, to manufactures of paints, lacquers and building chemistry as well as to manufactures of cleaning products and protective agents and fine and basic chemical products.

AZO transports raw materials such as bulk goods, additives, pigments, liquids, enzymes and fillers fully or semi automatically into industrial production processes. Process steps such as mixing, kneading, milling, dispersing, pressing, extruding, filling and packing are automated as efficient as possible.

Future-proof process engineering and innovative process technology coupled with trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in toothpaste, hair care products, cosmetics, nappies, paints, lacquers, toners, plasters, cements, renders, screeds, plasterboards, super-absorbers, additives, resins, textile additives, detergents, cleaning products, fire extinguisher products, protective agents, adhesives and fine chemical products.

Flexibility, speed and precision are key factors in the automatic delivery of chemical substances. To achieve a consistently high quality output, an absolute compliance with the recipe is essential. The automatic, dust-free delivery of all raw materials such as resins, fillers and additives creates a set of humane, ergonomic working conditions for the operator and allows for continuous documentation of each recipe. Our systems are able to sustain high standards of metering and weighing precision even when contending with large batches and high throughput rates.

AZO solutions are commonly used in the following production areas: