AZO® Food

All ingredients automatically under control

AZO Food offers solutions to customers manufacturing convenience food and nutriments as well as to manufacturers of spices and baking ingredients, bakery products and manufactures of pet food.

Solutions from AZO handle bulk materials, liquids, minor and micro ingredients such as flavorings and enzymes fully automatically into industrial production processes. Process steps such as mixing, kneading, stirring, baking, boiling, extruding, filling and packaging are automated as efficient as possible while clean at the same time. All solutions can be optimized with process leading and visualization technology.

Future-proof process engineering, innovative process technology and trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in soups, sauces, dough products, potato products, spice mixtures, cereals, jams, snacks, bakery ingredients, packed bakery products, pre-formed dough, fresh bakery products, flour premixes and pet food.

AZO systems weigh all ingredients in a recipe as accurate as necessary then forward them for further processing – an entirely automatic process right from delivery of raw materials through to the packaging stage.

In the food industries, a constant quality output is one of the highest aims. Sieving and screening of raw materials before, during and after the production process reliably prevent impurities from passing through undetected. Whenever cleaning of your equipment becomes necessary, AZO equipment is designed to shorten the down times of your production. As a matter of course all equipment comply with all current hygiene specifications.

AZO solutions are commonly used in the following production areas: