AZO® Poly

Delivery reliability and flexibility

AZO Poly offers solutions to customers manufacturing PVC dry blend as well as manufacturers within the extrusion sector, manufacturers of plastic compounds with surface improvement, manufacturers with the PVC paste processing sector as well as companies producing additives and master batches and plastic processing companies.

AZO transports raw materials such as plastic powders, chalk, titanium dioxide, modifiers, additives, plasticizers, paints, pigments, stabilizers, fluids, granulates and masterbatch fully or semi automatically to mixers, extruders, compounders, granulating and dispersing systems, coating units, blown film extrusion lines right up to injection molding machines and compactors.

Future-proof process engineering and innovative process technology coupled with trend-setting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in profiles, pipes, slabs, films, compounds, floor coverings, wall coverings and synthetic wallpapers as well as plastic additives, plastic films, technical plastic components, hollow bodies, glass components and spun bond web.

AZO achieves customer satisfaction by applying reliably consistent recipes. To achieve this, we take all raw materials, including dyes and lubricants, weigh them very accurately, record the results and document them for subsequent calculation purposes. Through the use of fully-automatic material changeover systems, even frequent recipe changes or color variants do not pose any problems for us. Plastic granules are dried in an energy-efficient manner because the system operates in an efficient cyclical fashion. Modern material flow and control concepts provide timely support to our customers in their production management work.

AZO solutions are commonly used in the following production areas: