Big Bag Filling Systems for Powder Materials

Big Bag Filling Systems for Powder Materials

The big bag has become a permanent fixture in bulk material handling. It is cheap, easy to handle and simply a practical container. AZO, the reliable partner for powder handling and process automation with 60 years’ experience in engineering, offers several solutions for filling big bags.

Benefits of filling powder and powder mixes into big bags:

  • Satisfy demands of customers who want to make use of powder filled in big bags instead of 25kg or 50kg bags to feed their powder handling system
  • Enhance your customer’s productivity by reducing manual efforts when utilizing products out of big bags
  • Increase the efficiency for in-house transport of mixed powder products by handling big bags instead of containers or small bags
  • Reduce dependency on man power and therefore reduce personnel costs
  • Reduces waste water by using big bags filled with mixed products instead of IBCs (intermediate bulk container). No expensive washing station is required
  • Optimizes space utilization by using big bags for logistical purposes instead of IBC since empty big bags require very little space

Benefits of AZO big bag filling system:

  • Minimize big bag change over time due to easy use of connection equipment
  • Increase efficiency by reducing waste due to dust tight connection
  • Improve profitability by highly accurate amount of powder into big bags
  • Enhance productivity by facilitating fast filling of powder and bulk materials into the big bag by means of suitable ventilation
  • Increase reliability of your big bag by utilizing gravimetric dosing devices

All Common Big Bag Sizes

AZO designs big bag powder filling systems according to the needs of the customer. Therefore, most big bags available in the market can be filled.

What Types of Big Bag Filling Systems are there?

Big bag filling systems can either be equipped with volumetric or with gravimetric filling systems. For internal use, volumetric dosing systems are sufficient. In this case, the operator monitors the filling level of the big bag visually.

For more precise weight requirements, the big bag filling systems can be equipped with a floor scale, placed on load cells or with an overhead scale. The filling is done by dosing the powder until a specific point is reached.

A higher accuracy is achieved by combining coarse and fine dosing. AZO dosing screws are fulfilling highest engineering standards to ensure good dosing behavior. Calibration of both types of scales is possible. The big bag filling process can be automated as far as possible by using an automatic loop holder.If required ATEX-compliant solutions depending on zoning and powder material can be supplied.

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