Container systems for flexible powder ingredient handling

Container systems
Container systems

When flexibility counts and batch sizes are frequent and of medium size while being traceable at the same time, container systems are a good choice to handle a large variety of ingredients. Especially when cross contamination between different ingredients must be avoided such as mixing recipes with allergens and non-allergens, AZO container systems show their full potential.

No matter whether powder ingredients have a tendency to core flow, segregate or bridge, AZO is able to develop the right container solution for you even for ingredients with high viscosity.

The new BATCHTAINER® und DOSITAINER® container generation with mobile scales or driverless transport systems allows AZO customers to benefit from efficient and fully-automated container systems for contamination-free formula composition of the ingredients. The ShuttleDos is a new system with fully-automated shuttles for transporting containers under the dosing stations, sometimes even combined with product screening. Extremely frequent batch rates and a high level of automation can be achieved with this innovative system, due to the transporting of the container and the ingredient filling into the container can take place in parallel; something that up until recently could hardly have been conceivable.

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