AZO system has helped KARTIKA SARI to preserve its family legacy in terms of GIFT-CAKE BUSINESS that the family has successfully run over generations. By having AZO system, we are confident with the secrecy of the recipes that has differentiated Kartika products from its competitors as a premium and top-class products. AZO system ensures Kartika to keep on producing various of new developed products with innovation and limitless creativity. We are happy with AZO system and we would recommend any other industries to entrust their legacy intimacy to AZO and at the same time improve its end-product quality and consistency.

Andrew Purnomo

Wavin Duta Jaya, as a major PVC pipe and fittings manufacturer in Indonesia, is happy to have a support from AZO system in the backbone of its production. With AZO we experiencing a lot of benefits that support Wavin Duta Jaya to keep on growing and expanding and at the same time providing the market with better and consistent products. Benefiting from AZO reliable and durable system, we have reduced the production downtime, less maintenance, less cleaning time, less waste which means increase our productivity and efficiency. We would recommend AZO to any other industry that requires high quality equipment with long lasting lifetime as you can rely on AZO good reputation and decades of experiences and expertise.

Petrus Susanto