AZO® Vital

Safety matters

AZO Vital offers solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical industry as well as to producers of dairy products, baby foods and beverages.

Solutions from AZO handle bulk materials, ingredients, agents, auxiliary materials, active agents, additives and liquids fully or semi automatically in industrial production processes. Process steps such as dissolving, crystallizing, centrifuging, drying, mixing, granulating, milling, calibrating, pelleting, coating, pasteurizing, cooling, spraying, filling and packaging are automated as efficient as possible while fulfilling the highest hygienic requirements at the same time. All solutions can be optimized with process leading and visualization technology.

Future-proof process engineering and innovative process control technology coupled with trendsetting process IT ensure the highest standard of quality in active ingredients, liquids, tablets, capsules, granulate, milk powder, yogurt, puddings, ice cream, margarine, diet foods, baby food, instant beverages as well as beverages, coffee, tea and confectionary.

A constant product quality output occupies first place in this sensitive segment, especially when dealing with production of pharmaceuticals and dairy products. AZO achieves consistent composition through ultra-precision weighing and precise dosing in fully-automatic production lines. Seamless documentation assures additional safety as required by the industrial standards. Every end product can be traced back to its components, and every component can be traced back to its source of supply. Easy-to-clean modular technology is the key to rapid recipe changes and prevents individual components from affecting and potentially reacting with one another. Downtimes because of cleaning are extremely short.

AZO solutions are commonly used in the following production areas: