Rotary screener and vibration sieve for powders

Powder sieving plays an important role nowadays. Production processes handling powdered raw materials require implementation of an effective sieve. The production of food, such as bakery items, entails installation of a powder screen in the production line. This has become necessary due to stringent consumer protection regulations.

While the technology of powder sieving has not significantly altered since the invention of the rotary screener by Adolf Zimmermann, the founder of AZO, its importance remains unabated to date.

Ensures quality output

Both AZO vibration screeners and rotary screeners may be used to screen the powder after feeding it into the powder handling system through bag tipping stations. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination considerably, especially when the powder is being fed into the system from sack fibres that include clumps of shredded paper along with tools such as screw drivers and other hazardous items.

Maintains high efficiency

Contaminated powder or presence of lumps may force production managers to shut down the plant suddenly to disassemble the system and remove the source of contamination. This causes loss of valuable production time. However, screening the powder before it enters the powder handling process reduces the risk of unscheduled shut downs to a great extent. Thus, installation of AZO vibration screeners and rotary screeners at selected junctures of the production process enhances the efficiency of the entire system.

Protects the assets

Hard items such as tools, bolts, nuts or stones may cause damage to the powder handling machinery. The damaged smooth surfaces are enough to jeopardize your investments greatly. Fortunately, utilizing AZO vibration screeners can protect your assets thereby safeguarding your investment.

Ensures product quality

Not screening powders carefully prior to packaging may result in lumps and agglomerates entering the packing machine. This causes customers to receive inferior quality products resulting in widespread customer dissatisfaction. A rotary screener can check for lumps and agglomerates within hygroscopic powders and remove the objects before passing the powders through a packaging machine. AZO inline rotary screeners are specifically designed to handle this task.

AZO offers a variety of screening systems including but not limited to AZO vibration screeners, AZO rotary screeners, AZO inline screeners with downstream metal segregation for screening metal parts as well as liquid screening systems for screening agglomerates from liquids. Furthermore, AZO customizes sieves as per particular customer requirements.

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